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[Premium Quality Health & Wellness Products Online]-FindaWellness®
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  • QUICK & EASY KETOSIS: Keto Salt rapidly transitions the body into nutritional ketosis and provides clean energy quickly to individuals currently in a fasted or ketogenic state.

  • May Promote Weight Loss

  • May Provide Appetite Suppression

  • May Promote Increased Energy Levels and Help Improve Cognitive Functions

  • May Promote Increased Physical Performance


    Keto Salt is Highly Effective!

    Through supplementation of Keto Salt, the body has an immediate supply of usable ketones to help bypass many of the unwanted side effects associated with transitioning into ketosis. Without Keto Salt supplementation, it can take days to weeks for the body to begin producing its own ketones for fat breakdown through a ketogenic diet.

    Keto Salt is The Best Tasting Exogenous Ketone Supplement Available.

    Many other exogenous ketone supplements on the market are often criticized for their unpleasant flavor. For this reason, Muscle Research has gone above and beyond to provide a natural orange flavor without the excessive salt taste or artificial overtones found in similar products.

    Why BHB, and What Is It?

    Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, is the most common ketone body utilized in exogenous ketone supplements. Unlike other ketone bodies, BHB is easily converted into energy through the body's energy pathways. Keto Salt provides an instant supply of ketones, even if you are not in ketosis, to provide clean energy or kick start fat burning.


    Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), 12 grams per serving. Each tub contains 20 full-scoop servings (16.35 grams per scoop).

    Keto Salt contains Zero Fats, Zero Carbs, and Zero Sugars.

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